About the company

Based in New York City, Black Night is an exciting new company founded by Kristina Leigh Copeland that creates documentary films, non-fiction television programing and other media seeking solutions to the most serious issues facing humanity. Her former company was Brown Saddle Films.


About the founder

Founder and owner Kristina Leigh Copeland's most recent film is the 2012 investigative documentary The Wall Street Conspiracy. This hard-hitting work exposes some of the serious flaws in the U.S. regulatory system that let to the 2008 global financial crisis.


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SoundBite is a twelve-part docu-series that takes an in-depth look at high impact issues of global importance. The world premiere screening of each film takes place at that Times Center Stage in NYC.

The SoundBite Show, a live show recorded immediately after the screening of each film, is moderated by a person of global importance who leads a panel of experts, actors, filmmakers, and philanthropists in a lively conversation to discuss the topic of each film.www.timescenterstage.com


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